Thursday, July 26, 2007

Old media rules!

I loved the line:

In your face interested American public! We report! You shut your fu*#ing mouth!

John Howard - now an even older grumpy old man!

Happy birthday John. I really hope that this is your last birthday as PM...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Banner change

I really should get around to changing my banner photo sometime soon seeing as there aren't really any mountains in these parts.

Apartment hunting is driving me nuts

Well, I know I've been crap at updating my blog recently but the real world has been getting in the way far too much. As many of you know I'm now living in Bristol. I start working in the CS department at the University of Bristol next week.

This week, I'm trying to get my life somewhat organized before I start work. Unfortunately, job number one - finding a place to live - is proving to be tricky. I'm trying to land a room in a sharehouse for around 350 pounds a month but I'm struggling to find anything. I'm looking at a few places tonight, so, with luck, one of them will come through. Fortunately, I'm not stuck staying in a hotel or something because a friend of mine has been kind enough to let me stay at his apartment. Still, I'm a bit over living out of my backpack.

On top of that, I'm not actually 100 % sure what my salary will be once I start working. I know, some of you out there in business land will be mocking me. But the thing is that I'm getting paid an award wage. The award and how it is decided actually changes this month so it is far from clear what my take home salary will be. 

Other jobs that I still have to nail down include getting a national insurance number, a national health number, and my university ID card. I suspect that the Uni will take care of some of this, however, the person who normally does this is away on holiday.

So, this post isn't so much making a point as having a whinge. For all the kiddies out there, this is the sort of crap that you have to deal with when you work in a field where you have to keep switching jobs.