Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Greatest song ever?

For the boys, you guys know who you are:

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

It's time to call it

Mark has an excellent post over at LP today. He points out that Howard's approach to this election is going over the top and if he continues in this way he's surely going to lose it. Howard's saturation coverage is having the effect of making him look desperate.

His plan, as has been suggested widely, is to call the election as late as possible while keeping the blowtorch on the ALP in the hope that with every passing week he manages to claw some supporters back. The thing is, people are getting more and more sick of the saturation coverage of this political contest. People are getting bored. If this trend continues Howard is finished.

Howard is looking like a good leader, he's looking desperate and the public can see this. People don't want to vote for an old man who is doing everything to cling to power. What happens if he gets it? Will the public have to endure another three years of this crap? I don't think anyone wants it. It's time for Howard to realize that his approach isn't working. His capital is spent. He has to step aside and give someone else a go or call the election.