Friday, January 14, 2005

Thesis distractions II - revenge of my ipod

Question: When does 8=13?
Answer: When no-one knows where to start counting from.
So, I clocked my ipod's battery life on Wednesday to be a little under 8 hours. I recharged it that night and repeated the experiment on Thursday and squeezed about 13 hours out of the battery. After a bit of internet digging I found a few websites suggesting that a lot of ipods need to go through a complete charge cycle, that is a complete discharge and recharge, in order to properly calibrate the power meter for the battery. An incorrectly calibrated meter has the following two symptoms:
  1. The ipod display registers an empty battery when there is really about 3 hours of play time left.
  2. The battery meter registers "full" when the battery isn't. This leads to playback times that are a lot less than the device is capable of.

Anyway, a few websites suggested that ipods have to be re-calibrated every few months to maintain a decent amount of playback off your battery. It'd be nice if they included some of this stuff in the manual.

It'd be nice if they put that in the manual...