Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Democracy never did work

Margo Kingston (a journalist at the Sydney Morning Herald) runs a "webdiary", which she uses as a forum for online political debate. It is at times an excellent read, though it can sometimes degenerate into a slanging match between the far left and the far right.

Anyway, this week Margo decided that she would invite people to vote on the following categories:
  1. Most courageous Australian politician
  2. Most cowardly Australian politician
  3. Biggest risk-taking Australian politician
  4. Most effective proponent of good governance in Australia

Readers were invited to submit one professional politician in each category and one non-politician. The voting and related comments can be found here. The tallied results are here. The results say a lot about democracy in this country. Rarely will Australians enter into a real debate that requires facts and concessions. It also exposes how horrifically divided political debate is becoming in this country.

Oh yea, if anyone is wondering, Andrew Bolt is a moron and I can't think of anyone who has contributed less to the level governence in this country. Seriously, I'm pretty sure Kylie Minogue or Nicole Kidman contribute more than he does...