Saturday, March 05, 2005

New blogs worth a mention

Hey, just thought I'd advertise a few new blogs while I'm busy procrastinating.
ReasonAndRhyme is Mohan Sarovar's new blog. He definitely thinks too much and likes music that is far too whingy - aside from these things his blog is a great read :-).
three-thirteen is Andrew Hines' freshly unpacked blog. Andrew is Mohan's office mate, they both inhabit the fabled Rm:313 (though "club qi" is far cooler). If Hinsey's blog sounds like mine it's probably cause we've only known each other for about 12 years... Nice to see he's keeping up the tradition of starting a blog just after starting to write his thesis!
I'm guessing both of these blogs will discuss a healthy amount of politics, physics, music, rugby, cricket, and maybe even ultimate frisbee in the coming months.