Monday, April 10, 2006

A bad week for the Right

It's been a bad week for the right (as pointed out by Mark at LP) and it might get worse:

  1. Republican majority leader Tom DeLay quits politics after being embroiled in a corruption scandal.
  2. "Scooter" Libby rats out George Dubya and his boss Dick Cheney.
  3. Details George Dubya's for a crazy Iranian adventure get leaked to the world press and threaten to destabilise any progress that the UN might make in attempting to end Iran's nuclear weapon ambitions.
  4. Australian deputy PM Mark Vaile admits under oath to being too much of a newbie for his staff to tell him that the AWB was giving money to Iraq's government in the lead up to the 2003 invasion. Not to mention he fesses up to having a spectacularly bad memory and not much of a head for detail.
  5. (Ex?) Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi looks for all money like he will be relegated to the opposition benches (and maybe jail?).
  6. Australian Foreign minister Alex "Dolly" Downer to be in the dock at the Cole Inquiry tomorrow. He's going to have to explain how he avoided knowing about the AWB kickbacks, in contravention of Australian and International law, and then go on to explain why he thought it was appropriate to shield the AWB from the Volcker Inquiry.
  7. On Thursday Lord Voldeshort himself, Australian PM John Howard, might have to front up to the Cole Inquiry.