Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Enough wedgies Bomber

I notice that Bomber Beazley couldn't resist trying to turn skills shortages into another wedge issue today. The Bomber seriously seems to be trying to insinuate that the Howard government is encouraging employers to employ skilled migrant workers over skilled Australian workers.

Sure, there is a skills shortage in Oz and it's great that the ALP wants to end this by training people. But can the Beazer do this without tying immigration issues into the policy?

Imagine if you were a fly on the wall when they came up with this crap:

Labor Right Hack 1: The Bomber has to go on the attack about skills.

LRH 2: Yea, polling shows that we are losing Blue-collar votes to Howard. Maybe we can get some back by pointing out Howard's under-funding of skills training schemes ?

LRH 1: I've got a great idea! Let's point out that skilled migration has increased under the Howard government then we can implement a policy to force employers to train Aussie kids if they want to employ migrants.

LRH 2: That way, we can finally once-and-for-all show to the blue-collar voters that we are tougher than Howard on immigration! WE'LL HAVE THE ELECTION SEWN UP!

LRH 1: I don't know why we haven't thought of this before? I mean, it's so easy. We just get voters to blame their problems on immigrants! What's more, those immigrants can't vote. Mate, it's a win-win situation. We can call it the "Aussies first" policy. You know, cause it puts Aussies first. If Howard tries to bag it we can say he isn't putting "Aussies first". It's freakin genious, that's what it is.

LRH 2: You don't think those sops from the left faction will have a problem with it do ya? Some of those bastards managed to win pre-selection again.

LRH 1: We'll just throw 'em a bone. Just say something about wage fairness for migrant workers, some crap like that'll keep their pinko traps shut.

LRH 2: What about employers? Won't they be pissed cause we might force them to spend money on training when they don't have to?

LRH 1: C'mon mate. Those big end of town pricks 'll never vote for us anyway. Especially after the Bomber has promised to shred the Work Choices legislation. Do you think we could get some shots of Beazley in a tank or something to announce the policy. You know, to remind voters that he used to be defence minister?

LRH 2: Wanna beer?