Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Good call Kev

Kevin Rudd has announced that he'll drop dopey the "visitor values pledge" policy of his predecessor Kim Beazley. When Beazley announced this policy a few months back it sounded like a piece of wedge politics done on the fly, which is essentially what Rudd said about it today,

"I think it probably wasn't properly considered at the time".

I'm beginning to see an upside to the ALP having a new leadership. Switching to the new team has given them a short-term "get out of jail free" card on some of the uglier ALP policies.

One area in which the ALP had wondered off into lala land was definitely in their immigration policy. Beazley's ideas on immigration seemed have been developed as a result of listening to 15 minutes worth of talkback radio in Sydney. A more considered approach this particularly sensitive issue would be more than welcome.