Monday, December 04, 2006

Kevin does Kim

Well, it is barely worth commenting on now (there were a million posts out there about this before I was out of bed this morning) but Kevin Rudd took over the Australian Labor Party leadership today toppling Kim Beazley from the leadership. Little Kevie knocked off big Kim in a party room vote Monday morning. Kevin will be sharing his leadership duties with the new deputy Julia Gillard.

The vote was called for on Friday and since then I've been around Ozploghistan complaining about how dumb this all was as Kim finally seemed to be on the right track. Well, the deed is done now and it might not necessarily be a bad thing.

If you are interested in seeing more commentary on this LP seems to be the place with the most reasonable discussion.

Update: BBC has picked up the story. This story appears to be becoming international news. A lot of the international stories focus on Kev's background in the diplomatic service and his ability to speak Mandarin. I don't really understand why journos keep throwing out that "wow, little Kevie can speak another language" line. It's really quite lame when you consider that outside Australia it is common for people to speak multiple languages.

Update: A half-decent background piece on Rudd.