Friday, June 03, 2005

Public (dis)service announcement

So, for some time I've been thinking about this post. Should I put it up, should I keep it under wraps? But, in the end I've decided that censorship is a bad thing. People have to decide to use information as they see fit and I do not have some divine power to know what is and isn't good for people. So, here goes.
My list of PhD killing websites:
  1. PhD comics. This website is a masterpiece. A comic strip about unmotivated grad students for unmotivated grad students. Brilliant on so many levels....
  2. Homestarrunner. Again, absolutely brilliant. This website is what the internet was supposed to be. It's funny, quirky, updated regularly and continually innovative. Particularly awesome is "Strong Bad's emails". These are updated every two weeks and are frequently hilarious - though, not everyone finds it funny, and you kinda have to have a tortured mind to really find it side splitting. Oh yea, you should also try playing "Peasants Quest".
  3. Stick cricket. You can spend hours on this site. Though it will pretty much only appeal to grad students from countries that play cricket. The game is pretty damned hard and pretty damned addictive.
  4. Quantum Diaries. This is a collection of blogs by particle physicists put together for the "year of physics". There is a hell of a lot of reading on this site.
  5. Webdiary. This is pretty much for Australians. It's an online bloggish forumy type thing mainly about Oz politics. Once you get absorbed in one of the arguments you can watch your day disappear. Particularly controversial articles will often get 100+ comments. It takes a long time to read all of them...

Okay. That's enough for now. Sorry if I've destroyed anyone's PhD's. I know at least a few you are writing up now - please try to stay away from these sites!!!! For the rest of you, well, enjoy them if you haven't been to them already.