Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Fun things to do on a Sunday when there is no frisbee training

Alternate title: The hills are alive with...

This weekend I went hiking with one of my flatmates (Karol) and some of her mates. It was very cool, some spectacular scenery and a lot of laughter. Here are the pics:

The crew: Gerard, Karol (being distracted by a mountain biker hurtling down the hill while I took the photo), Martina, and Dani. I should point our that they are all doctors...

The crew without Martina and with me doing the stupid bunny ears thing to my flatmate Karol. I can't remember why I thought this was a good idea. It was in retaliation for something, I swear, I wasn't just being a smartarse.

What Innsbruck looks like from above.

What Innsbruck looks like from above at a slightly different angle.

Cable cars are cool. Don't see them so often in Ozneyland. You might be able to make out the Inn, the river running through Innsbruck in this pic, I think that's what I was trying to take a photo of.
Dani and Gerard. The white building in the top-right corner is called Hoettinger Alm, it's an old shepherd's hut and now it's basically a pub. We hiked to it (it's at about 900m above sea level - at least I think that's right, anyone who knows for sure please correct me!) and ate lunch there. After lunch, and very full of knoedel, we walked down that tiny-little track you might be able to make out going down the hill from the Alm. Going down that track was fun, especially wearing running shoes instead of hiking boots....