Thursday, September 29, 2005

Physicists ruling the world!!!

It looks as though Physicists might be taking over the world. Well, at least central Europe anyway.
Apparently the conservatives in Poland, who won an election on the weekend, are putting an ex-physicist forward as their candidate PM.
This follows the debacle of an election in Germany a couple of weeks ago where physicist, Angela Merkel, led the Christian Democrats to win the largest proportion of seats in the federal parliament. While the final make-up of the government is not yet known, it is looking increasingly likely that she will lead a coalition between the SPD and the Christian Democrats.
After hearing about the Polish election, I realized that there might be more that little truth behind some friendly banter I had with Dave at the Quantum Pontiff about theoretical physicists taking over the world...
Question: Why aren't there any left-wing parties with physicists leading them? I'm happy to volunteer if anyone needs me...