Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Frisbee blogging will never be the same again...

... Now that the Ultimate Lovers have a blog. Some of ex- and current members of the University of Queensland ultimate frisbee team have started a new team blog, oh yea, this includes me.
Well, a bunch of us already wrote about frisbee on our own blogs, so it just made sense sorta to put all of those postings in the one place. So from now on I'll probably cross-post all of my frisbee stuff to the lovers blog.
I think, with a bit of time, this blog will be very cool. This is pretty much because the contributors are current and ex-members of the team. The current players are at the coalface of the Oz frisbee community, with many of them preparing for world clubs next year. While the ex-members are spread across the planet having their own, sometimes unique, frisbee adventures. Hopefully this will make for some interesting posts and discussions on tactics, training and all things frisbee related.