Friday, October 28, 2005

On the road again

Hey blogland, I haven't posted since forever. The real-world has been interfering pretty heavily with my blogging, but hopefully I'll get back on track a bit in the coming weeks. I've got a zillion half-written posts waiting to be finished and put out there.
At the moment though, blogging can wait. I'm in Duesseldorf right now spending a few days with my girlfriend. I'm absolutely stoked because tomorrow night I'm going to get to see the White Stripes in concert. I have seen them once before, at Brisbane's Livid festival in 2003. That was a great gig. If they pull off something half as good it will be a great night. Expect a post on this gig next week, hopefully with a few photos.
Did I mention that I'm writing this with a German keyboard, there are lots of ö, ü, äish symbols and some of the kezs arenät in the write place...