Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Policy Pr0n

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Inspired by this thread and the Ruddsters Rampant Rollout I have a question for LP readers of all political persuasions:

In the upcoming election campaign what are the "dream" policies that you would love to hear your political party of choice put out there? More concisely, in the next term what do you want your government to do for you?

This question is pretty vague because I'd like you guys to throw your ideas down, I'm also really interested in hearing why you think that your dream policy should (or could) be delivered by the government? Think big and small, everything from fixing the potholes in your street to delivering on that old-fashioned world peace thing. What is it that you really really want from your government and how does it fit into your vision of Australia's future?

Here is my attempt at getting the ball rolling:

In the upcoming election campaign I want to see the major parties argue over a detailed plan demonstrating how they are going to improve the research standards in Australia to ensure that we remain competitive against the US and Europe over the next 20 years. I don't want to hear the Liberal Party's ideologically driven rhetoric about privatisation. I don't want to hear piecemeal Labor Party lines about creating an "Innovation Nation" without a considered plan. I want to see our government serious about creating an environment that will make the world's industry leaders and the Australian public want to invest in Australian research instead of European or American research. I want to hear Kevin Rudd or John Howard say, "Anything they can do at MIT we will do better", briefly followed by, "and this is how I'm going to make it happen...".