Friday, March 02, 2007

Stuck in Chicago

I'm stuck in Chicago right now. My plan was to fly from Munich to Albuquerque via Chicago and then to catch a bus to Santa Fe on Saturday. That plan came unstuck when there was a big-ass storm in Chicago about the time I was scheduled to land. This storm threw the airport into chaos mode and everything got delayed by hours.

Anyway, my original flight was cancelled and I was offered a flight on another airline leaving a couple of hours later. I only have about 1 day in my schedule on this trip to catch up with my mate Steve and some of his coworkers in Albuquerque. Well, I've been waiting here for hours watching my new flight's times getting pushed further and further back. What's the bet that I won't be flying out tonight?

At least there is a consistent supply of caffeine here to keep me going.

I've now been traveling for about 18 hours and God knows when that will end.

Update: Still waiting. 19 hours. American Airlines says that we are leaving in a little under 2 hours. Apparently our plane is on the way.