Sunday, May 15, 2005

I'm not a fan of Australia's immigration department

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I just read a very depressing article by Mike Carlton on some of the many horrific debacles that the Australian immigration department have instigated. I'm not going to begin to explain some of the junk that has surfaced this week with regard to an Australian woman who was wrongfully deported four years ago or any of the stories about Cornelia Rau, another Australian woman wrongfully detained for nine months - it's all over the media and the webdiary has hundreds of posts on this issue. These are just two stories of many that are out there.

This department has been locking people up and kicking them out of our country for years, and they answer to almost nobody. Immigration minister Amanda Vanstone, and before her Phillip Ruddock, should be thoroughly ashamed of the way in which the immigration department has operated in the last five or so years. They will never be held accountable though, as John Howard is refusing to launch any inquiry into the immigration department that has any legal authority to compel people to give evidence or to prosecute officials for illegal behaviour.

What the hell is wrong with these people!!!! Don't they have hearts!!!

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