Monday, May 09, 2005

One of the may reasons why I'm an idiot

I successfully navigated the German rail system (the Deutsch Bahn) all the way to Duesseldorf and back. Well, successful in that I made it and didn't miss any trains.

I won't mention the little mistake I made by accidently sitting in a 1st class seat for an hour or so on one train. It wasn't intentional, I swear, I'm not smart enough to take advantage of the system like that. Thankfully the ticket guy who busted me realised this pretty quickly after he asked, "Where's your 1st class ticket?". To which I replied, "Why would I need one, this is a 2nd class carriage?".

Apparently I can't tell the difference between the numbers 26 and 27.

Anyone who's played frisbee with me wouldn't be surprised by this too much. I'm normally the guy screaming on the sideline, "We only have 6 on the line!".... (a bit of silence) This is normally followed by, "Dude, how can you do physics if you can't count to 7.".
Oh yea, it rained and hailed and the mercury didn't ever get much above 0, but it was still a really fun weekend.