Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I'm living in a Christmas movie...

So it started snowing on Friday and it still hasn't stopped. Coincidently, the Innsbruck Christmas markets also began on Friday, and they lit the city's Christmas lights and decorations for the first time. The whole city has been transformed into some Christmas winter wonderland. It feels a little like I'm living in the Santa's workshop section of Myers, except the white stuff everywhere is not made out of some polycarbon but is instead cold and wet.

To give you all an idea (and like I promised dk.au), this is what it looked like from my front door yesterday morning:

and this is what the driveway looked like:

As I mentioned earlier, the Christmas markets started on the weekend. These were something pretty foreign to me, we don't really do anything like this in Brisneyland. Basically, from now until Christmas there are markets in the center of town that sell arts and crafts and stuff. More importantly, they sell gluhweine, rum punch, and all sorts of interesting traditional foods as well. For the most part the markets seem to be an excuse for most of the town to stand around in the snow drinking booze ...so naturally I decided to give it a go :-).

Here is a photo of my Canadian mate, Kris Luttmer, eating some special Tirolean Christmas food. It's basically a big donut served sauerkraut in it (definitely weird, but it tasted surprisingly good):