Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Politics is boring me. Really, it is.

I think the title says it all. At the moment, politics is boring the hell out of me. This is weird for me, it really is. I'm feeling uber-apathetic about the whole political process. Maybe I should be in the federal Labor party?
Seriously, I'm really sick of John Howard winning all the time. The industrial relations laws are a farce, but they'll go through and people will love Howard for making there lives significantly worse. The terror laws went through, so now howard can get the praise for hard work that was done by the police leading up to the arrest of 16 suspected terrorists yesterday. I am really failing to see the point in blogging about politics at all. It doesn't seem to make any difference, especially seeing as so many blogs seem to be occupied by partisan hacks stoushing away about the same old bored topics.
At least, while I'm feeling sorry for myself and my battered set of political beliefs, some people are doing some great political writing in plog land. I'm becoming a fan of Desert Pea, a new blog that seems to be refreshingly intelligent and devoid of the typical partisan name calling crap that occupies so many blogs. I've also become a fan of AnonymousLefty, it's an oldish blog but I thought I'd throw it a bone because it always seems to be able to make me laugh (Oh yea, the author, Mr Lefty, is also an author of BOLTWATCH). I've just blogrolled both of these blogs.