Friday, January 19, 2007

Big week on the arXiv

Has anyone else noticed that the surf has been up on the arXiv this week?

It looks as though a lot of people are punching out the papers in preparation for QIP. Some of the papers that I expect I will be reading in the next few days include:

A simple family of nonadditive quantum codes

Authors: John A. Smolin, Graeme Smith, Stephanie Wehner

Quantum Walks, Quantum Gates and Quantum Computers

Authors: Andrew P. Hines, P.C.E. Stamp

Generalised Clifford groups and simulation of associated quantum circuits

Authors: Sean Clark, Richard Jozsa, Noah Linden

Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computation

Authors: Daniel Gottesman

A classical one-way function to confound quantum adversaries

Authors: Cristopher Moore, Alexander Russell, Umesh Vazirani

Quantum t-designs: t-wise independence in the quantum world

Authors: Andris Ambainis, Joseph Emerson

If there are any others that I have missed let me know in the comments.