Friday, January 12, 2007

The long road

On Sunday I'm off on a bit of an adventure, I'm flying back home to Oz. The main reason that I'm heading home is to attend QIP 2007 but I'll be doing about a thousand other things before and after the conference.

I always enjoy the flight home. I've had all sorts of hellish journeys over the years but very little shakes my enthusiasm for that high that I get when Brisbane's humidity wraps around me as I step out of the plane. This time around I fly from Innsbruck to Frankfurt, then a long haul to Singapore (and drinks in the Cactus Bar), and the final haul from Singapore to Brisbane. I leave on Sunday night and arrive early on Tuesday morning. It's going to be so nice to chill out on that flight and to spend some time drinking Bundy and watching some movies.

Speaking of Bundy, how much do people want to bet that I head straight for the Duty Free to buy a couple of bottles to share with my brother and sister? Next week will be the first time that my entire family has been in the same city for 2 years. The last time I was home my brother was in Canada and my sis was in the UK.

I think the only downside to all this is that my girlfriend is stuck in Innsbruck doing exams.