Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Geeky interweb games

It appears that over the holidays I was tagged by Dave so I guess I better play along:

So the game is, take the closest book to you right now, go to the fifth sentence on page 123, write the following three sentences in the blog, and tag three people.

I'm at work so, surprise surprise, the book closest to me is "Quantum Computation and Quantum Information" by Michael Nielsen and Ike Chuang. So, writing the three sentences that follow the fifth on page 123,

"The idea is that at the beginning of the computation, the Turing machine is in the starting state q_s. The execution of the computation causes the Turing machine's internal state to change. If the computation ever finishes, the Turing machine ends up in the state q_h to indicate that the machine has completed its operation."

How geeky was that, I landed smack bang in the middle of an introduction to Turing machines! Still, that's a pretty interesting way of starting my working year. Now, for the tagging of others:

Eye of the Tiger


Larvatus Prodeo (because I'd like to see what the politcos have on their desks!)