Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Well, here I am writing a post in Singapore airport. I'm testing whether my laptop survived the trip after some moron dumped their gigantic carry on bag square on top of it.

What happened to the airlines getting all serious about carry-on baggage? Actually, they are serious enough if you are a half-savvy twenty something. However, you'll get off scot free if you are pushing 70 and are so out of it that it would take more than the allocated 5 minutes to explain why Qantas will slug you 400 bucks for taking that 15 kilo monster on board when the Deutsch Bahn has been letting you get away with it for 30 years.

OK, mick, chill. Take a sip out of your delicious and refreshing pineapple-orange beverage.

Interesting point to note. This juice cost me 4 Australian dollars. It would have cost me 2 Euro if I'd paid in Euros. I guess this means that the Australian dollar is worth shite.

While I'm writing this I'm sitting in a juice bar in Singapore International Airport. I like this airport. I like that it has lots of nice places to get a drink. I like that the people are friendly and that everything is quite clean. Mostly, I like that I can walk outside hear and feel the heat, it's almost worth the cost of the plane ticket to feel that. During winter in Innsbruck it is so hard to feel thoroughly warm. Sure, everywhere has heating, but you can feel the earth and the atmosphere just sucking that heat away. But when you get to these parts you feel the warmth and it's everywhere, I'm sure after a few days in Brisbane I'll feel that it's inescapable - I guess in the same way that the cold is in Innsbruck.

Unfortunately, I won't post this till I arrive in Brisbane sometime tomorrow, it turns out that you have to fork out the bucks to use the wireless here. Well, either that or I could have brought a cable and it would have been free...

Take note Euro visitors to QIP: If you flying through Singapore, bring and ethernet cable and you can hook yourself up to the web!